Your wellness hotel in Ötztal – simply relaxing

Hotel Tauferberg isn’t a classic wellness hotel in Ötztal but our guests appreciate our beautiful spa oasis and the beneficial massages on offer. After an active day in the mountains hiking or biking, our mind is chilled but our muscles long for regeneration: That’s where the wellness on offer at our hotel in Ötztal comes in handy. Lean back in our saunas, close your eyes, let your mind wander and find total relaxation. That’s how to enjoy wellness in Ötztal!

The saunas at your wellness hotel in Ötztal

Our wellness hotel in Ötztal offers you various saunas and therefore the opportunity to experience cosy warmth and total relaxation on your winter holiday in Tyrol. A sauna is much more than just somewhere to relax: it’s a place to cleanse your body and soul. You’ll feel as if you’ve been reborn after a visit to the sauna at our wellness hotel in Ötztal!


  • The Finnish sauna at our wellness hotel in Ötztal is the classic among saunas and the most common type in Europe. At the same time it’s also the hottest one with temperatures from 80 to 105° Celsius.
  • The bio sauna at our hotel in Ötztal promises wellness for anyone, particularly newcomers to saunas and anyone who prefers to avoid extreme heat. The temperatures in the bio sauna fluctuate between 45 and 60° Celsius. But don’t worry: you will still work up a sweat and will certainly enjoy the positive effect of your very personal wellness experience in Ötztal!
  • The steam bath at our wellness hotel in Ötztal entices you with temperatures around 50° Celsius and very high humidity of 80 to 100%. Steam saunas open up the pores, the body excretes toxins through the skin and you feel fit and full of energy!
  • In the infrared cabin at our wellness hotel in Ötztal you enjoy the warmth and feel how your muscles gradually relax and one or two aches and pains simply fade away.


Mood showers and the Kneipp treading area provide the necessary cool down during wellness in Ötztal.


You should not forget to rest after a sauna at our wellness hotel in Ötztal. We have equipped the spa oasis with water beds and relaxing loungers so you can physically and mentally unwind. You also have the option of enjoying the sweet art of simply doing nothing on our panoramic terrace or in our garden on your holiday in Tyrol in the summer. Isn’t that what holidays are all about? 

Wellness in Ötztal: regenerating massages

Anyone really wanting to treat themselves at our wellness hotel in Ötztal books a beneficial massage. Our masseuse Sonia ensures moments of deep relaxation and total wellbeing from head to toe with gentle movements and skilled techniques. She takes care of your wellness in Ötztal with her expertise and sensitivity two days a week – tailored personally to you.


The massages on offer at our wellness hotel can be classified in three categories.

Classic massages

This boosts the circulation and metabolism, relieves tension and also restores the whole body’s balance. You can choose between a back massage or a full body massage for the back, arms and legs at our wellness hotel in Ötztal.

Relaxing massages

This back massage combined with a relaxing neck and head massage relieves tension and restores the balance between the body and mind. It is highly recommended if you suffer from migraines or tension headaches.

Medical wellness massages

This tailored massage ranges from medical to spiritual using different techniques and ensures maximum relaxation during your wellness holiday in Ötztal.

Let go, escape your everyday life and enjoy harmony and relaxation at our wellness hotel in Ötztal!