Recruit friends and receive credit

Spread the word please!

We’re always thrilled to welcome your friends or acquaintances to our activity hotel in Ötztal. Anyone who wants to recruit friends receives credit for their next holiday in Ötztal at our hotel as a small thank you.


And this is how it works:


  1. you receive a card when you arrive at our hotel, which you write your name on and the name of the friends you’re recommending our hotel to.
  2. Your friends let us know when they make their booking that our hotel was recommended to them by you.
  3. The prerequisite for receiving the credit is that your friends have never booked at our hotel before and you have stayed with us at least once as the guest recruiting them.
  4. With a booking of three nights or more you receive a credit of €2.00 per full-paying person per night from us. So if you recruit, for example, two people to stay for seven nights, then you receive €28.00 credit.
  5. The credit amount is limited to €72.00 per year.
  6. We send you the voucher once the guest you recruited has left. You can then redeem the voucher with us for your next holiday at our hotel (within two years).
  7. The voucher is non-transferable. It is only valid when you book directly with the hotel and present the card.